We’ve just finished working on our latest website for local Northern Beaches Mechanics – Ken Simpson Motors.

The business has been servicing Pittwater for over 45 years and although it has a long running reputation, the business operates using the latest state of the art equipment.

That’s exactly why the website needed to […]

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New WordPress 3.8 ‘Parker’ Released:
New features include new theme, new dashboard colours and improved mobile access

Click here to read about it

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With much of the internet being cloud based these days and everything from email to accounting being online only its more important than ever to have integration between web applications.

Zapier does just that and allows you to move data between apps.

A great feature is to capture data from a web form […]

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This site was built for Northern Beaches business Gateway Dental Care located in Mona Vale, Sydney.

The site is powered by WordPress and is easy to manage from the backend.

The site is also responsive so that it looks great on mobile devices.

We specialise in WordPress websites that not only look great […]

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Once known as .Mac, then Mobile Me, iCloud has become a great success in Apples quest to provide a highly adopted cloud based syncing service. Much of this may come down to the fact that it is now free.

Many people these days use iCloud to synchronise all they’re calendars and this is certainly handy […]

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We’ve just completed the St. Joseph Childcare website which features a built in members section allowing parents to log in securely to view their childs development progress. They can only view their own childs information and no one elses.

The parent logs in from the ‘parent Login’ section.



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So you need a website which is easy to change, but also in multiple languages? No problems!

There are many ways to do this, my favourite is to have your website setup in WordPress first of all (our favourite CMS).

Then get your hands on a powerfull plugin such as Qtranslate to power the […]

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With more and more websites being built in WordPress these days, its hard to find someone who really understands how WordPress.

At Yotike we specialise in WordPress, its our favourite CMS system for Building websites.
We also pride ourselves on good communication and finding the best solutions at affordable prices.

So if you need help with […]

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