Having a WordPress site is great, compared with a simple HTML site its super easy to make changes to your content and write posts (if your a blogger). And compared to other CMS systems such as Joomla and drupal Wordress is whole lot easier to use too.

But because WordPress is a running system, like a program on your computer and its always online its important to have a backup of the site. Even better is to have an offline backup of the site, in case something happens such as a server crash or your website gets hacked. Another possibility is that your web host may go broke and although this is highly unlikely its still a good feeling to have your website offline in case something terrible happens.

Now there are a couple of different ways to backup your site, there are automated plugins that will generate a backup for you or you can do it manually through the hosting.

An important thing to remember is that there are 2 components to WordPress, the data (eg the files you can access via FTP) and the database (which stores the posts, settings and other options). Keep in mind that the database does not store the images you upload ect, this is all stored on your hosting as data.

Lets start with the plugins:


This excellent plugin allows you to simply and easily create backups via the ‘tools’ section in WordPress of both your database and the data. Its clean and open source and does not have any annoying ads ect. The nice thing about this plugin is that you can also schedule backups. The downside is that its backup options are limited to on the webhost, which you can access via FTP or when your logged in to WordPress. Or you can have the backup emailed to you:

You can download the BackupWordpress plugin here



Another option is the popular BackWPup plugin which allows you to schedule backups just like BackupWordpress but you can also backup to many different locations such as AmazonS3, Email, FTP, Google Drive and Dropbox.

Backing up to a cloud service such as dropbox or Google Drive is great because you can access it from anywhere if you have issues. In BackWPup up you an also decide what parts of the website you want you want to backup.

You can download BackWPup here

How to backup your WordPress site with cPanel

1. Log in to your cPanel area http://yourwebsitehere.com/cpanel

2. Click on the backups section once logged in

3. From here you can click on full backup download which will download a complete cPanel backup of you databases(es), data and mail account settings.

Keep in the mind that this download can take quite a while so be sure to be patient, also it will often not tell you the progress of the download.

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  • http://www.globalwebforce.com/ Hitesh Parekh

    I have used BackWPup is a great back-up tool, I have used it in my previous WordPress projects. Backing-up your website is necessary since almost every website is vulnerable to hacking even how much security you put into it. I made a scheduled back-up on my website almost every if not every week so I can easily restore my websites in case a hacking or error happens on my WP projects. And also make-use of the back-up to your external cloud storages (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive) because it will eat up your server’s storage and might cost you much.