Once known as .Mac, then Mobile Me, iCloud has become a great success in Apples quest to provide a highly adopted cloud based syncing service. Much of this may come down to the fact that it is now free.

Many people these days use iCloud to synchronise all they’re calendars and this is certainly handy as it works so reliably and is easy to setup, especially between Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads and Macs.

But one of the downfalls of iCloud over the earlier systems is that it is no longer possible to publish the calendars directly to a website.

It is however possible to share the calendar with someone else who has iCloud or get a public .ics link to access the calendar information.

If you happen to be running WordPress to power your website there is actually a method you can setup a stylish calendar, populated and synced on an hourly basis with iCloud.

Here how:

Begin by downloading and installing the Timely WordPress Calendar plugin and install in the WordPress backend by uploading the .zip file.










Once installed activate the plugin:

Now setup the calendar:

Now go to your iCal on your Mac and right click (control + click) on the calendar you would like to share. 

Then choose ‘share calendar’ and choose ‘Everyone’

Then right click (control + click) on the calendar again and choose ‘Copy URL to clipboard’

Now go back to your web browser and the backend of your website and select ‘Events’ then ‘Calendar Feeds’.

Paste the link in the calendar feed and then press ‘add new subscription’

Then press refresh to import your calendars events.


Done! That it! Now marvel at your calendar on the front end of the website in all its glory! And adding events to your website can be done off your iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC or web browser.

  • John Early

    This is not working for me. I’m trying to import a calendar from iCloud, and it won’t recognize the events. Any ideas what else would work?

  • Stephanie

    This was really helpful to me, but I’m having problems with my iCloud calendar repeating events adding a day. Have you seen that happen?

  • Tim Schmoyer

    i followed these instructions in August 2013. everything worked great. In November 2013, Time.ly released a new version and now all I get is ICS Feed Error when I try to add my calendar feed. any thoughts?

  • Rob K Music

    This no longer works.

  • Simon Bale

    How long does it take to refresh a calendar? Mine’s been syncing for about 15 minutes. Is this normal?

  • Rob K Music

    Try this… I haven’t yet personally with Time.ly but I use it to get my iCal into Google Calendar. https://icaltogcal.com

  • http://www.premiumdw.com/ Mike Sinkula


  • sdjrp

    just to say that i used this and it was great, there is no other site in the entire web that explains this this way. thanks a lot