Except for the social networking sites, the days of browsing the web for fun are mostly over. prospects today visit the web with a specific purpose in mind and if your web design sydney site does not deliver, you are wasting their time. They are after valuable information on a product or service and do not want to be searching throughout the site for pointless information. In our case people looking for website design sydney will immediately see our graphics and want to know more.
Why are they visiting your site? The main reason is that they want to be better informed, so that they can make better decisions about their health, holidays, shopping, investments etc. They want to find their way to the information they need quickly and easily. And they also enjoy being in control of the decision making process –able to decide at the click of the mouse whether to stay on your site or leave.
What makes a web site work? Like leading web designers sydney around the world, we recognise that there are three basic rules of good web design sydney that should never be broken.
Make sure your website design sydney gives the prospect the information he or she wants fast – otherwise he or she will just click onto the next site.
Having gimmicks and features for their own sake can do more harm than good. Complicated landing pages, slow and over-elaborate flash graphics and unnecessary video clips turn prospects off because they slow the information flow down. The web design sydney graphics can be fun and different which is a good thing. Again only a professional website design sydney like yotike web services will be able to design and implement this strategy in a user friendly, SEO friendly manner.
Fresh, high impact graphic design sydney and informative text are vital. When a prospect clicks onto your home page , he or she decides in less than 2 seconds whether to stay stray on your site or click to the next search engine result.
At yotike web services, all our graphic and writing skills and specialist IT knowledge is geared to follow these rules to deliver a web design site that not only looks terrific, but also sells your business, products and services.